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 Record Number: 408 Posted: March 27, 2006, 3:09 pm 
Name: Papa Bear
Found: Flyer
Location: Camden, NJ
Hey fellas this is Papa Bear Pro for Wide Open. And I came down for your party last week and you guys showed us one hell of a time. I realy like the love that we was shown. And I just wanna say good lookin on the room. When you guys do it you do it real big and I just wanted to thank you from my crew. Also don't forget about our party on June 30,2006.

 Record Number: 407 Posted: March 27, 2006, 12:43 pm 
Name: TaTa
Hey Fam what's good.. Im hearing you all has a GREAT party.. that's wussup.. Im sorry i couldnt be there even though i wanted to.. But im sure you all had much much fun.. from reading all the post.. *smiles* AppleBum hey gurl what's up? D-Nyce hey hey hye.. Desert Dog heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *in my loud voice* Pepsi hey gurl.. i hope all is well wit chu as well.. FRISKyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy LMAO!Well to the rest of the Fam hey hey hey to many of you all..*smiles* well i know i will be seeing you all this weekend.. BE READY TATA IS GOIN TO BE OFFFFFFFFFFF THE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK..(BIRTHDAY WEEKEND) GET READY... *SMILES*


 Record Number: 406 Posted: March 27, 2006, 11:56 am 
Name: BoTie
Found: Business Card
Location: Washington, DC.
Hey Brothers it was great meeting you guys at Icons, itís been a while. Well you know how it goes, so whatís up just want to shout at ya for a minute thanks for the luv

I have Must respect IV ya!

BoTie, Public Relations Officer
Enigma MC
Washington, DC.

 Record Number: 405 Posted: March 27, 2006, 11:05 am 
Name: da Mrs. (ask the Prez)
Found: I'm FAMILY
Location: Veeaayy...Veeeaaayyy-by way of B-More...757 to da 410
Husband u know yall showed tail this wkend. I am sooo proud and happy that erthing was a huge success. You knew we were coming to support and do what we do. Did you like the outfit? hope so. :) Looking 4wrd to Myrtle...oooowwwwweeeee. Triple Threat...yeeaaahh!
To the rest of my RIVL fam u know it's nothing but love. Ladies we gonna make it HOTT. Fellaz...Swoll u gonna stop threatening me or I'm gonna Tell my hubby. Rico and B don't make me wait in line any more for huggs. Trey smoochez to yah. Yung 1 u aight wit me. Blaze dont b huggin all up on no otha females without consultin me 1st hahahaha. Desert, do u have a brother? Sexy Chocolate is alllllwwwaayyyzz smiling so I know u aint nothin but da truth. Primo how come I can't eva get a pic? J Dub u betta act like u know a sista and gimme luv. And Ice U always show love to da Hottness. Hubby, I'm loving and missing u. Until we are all together again...be blessed.
Holla @cha Hott Girl
Events Coordinator

 Record Number: 404 Posted: March 27, 2006, 11:01 am 
Name: Bulldog
Mama J Thanks for holding those tickets we appreciate it. HKR had a great time, we was talking about it the next morning. R4Life knows how to throw a party, You guys were very professional. So we will see ya'll at the next event!

 Record Number: 403 Posted: March 27, 2006, 10:12 am 
Name: R. Love
Found: Friend
Location: Washington, DC
RIVLife, on behalf of Enigma Motorcycle Club, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for allowing us to share in the MC love Saturday night. Y'all did the damn thing. Hope y'all got some rest, it was well deserved. It's all love and it always will be.

Much Respect
R. Love, VP & Co-Founder
Enigma Motorcycle Club
Washington, DC

 Record Number: 402 Posted: March 27, 2006, 9:40 am 
Name: Hot Chick
RIVL!!!!!!!!!!!! You all did the d@mn thing! CONGRATS goes out to you All! Nyce man yeah next time make sure I know where it is!!! DD ya look good and did the thing! Ace man you are always off the hook! Jus Blaze iam still upset u had a sista looking like that. Big B whats popping? I went out and brought like 3 things of that gum!!!! Rico hey babes again my bad but I got u next time! Bird!!!!!!!!!! Yung 1 I am happy for you and ya know a sis is always here! Now Ladies you all look good and did the D@MN thing! Pepsi FRISKYYYYYYYYYYYY and AppleBum you all were on point! So fam you all rest up and I will c ya soon! HOT CHICK

 Record Number: 401 Posted: March 27, 2006, 8:25 am 
Location: Panther City
What's up family, I had a wonderful time @ you all's event on Saturday! Frisky you go gurrrllll! LOL Desert Dog you keep doing the damm thang. Rico luv the huggggssss! LOL Bird it was nice meeting you and LiL Bird. To all of the family keep partying and be safe. Much luv from N-2 Deep Sistas "Always A Lady".

 Record Number: 400 Posted: March 27, 2006, 7:19 am 
Name: kawgirl
Found: I know yall & yall know me!!!!!!!
Location: md
I aint signing this g-book no more too many fill in the blanks!!! This must be for the illiterate or sloww at hand people!! Anyway I really just wanted to come through and say I had a ball on Saturday. D-NICE yall did it again!!!!! Disregard the comment about me tieing up TWYN... DESSERTDOGG wuz happenin homie put your hands up and stay away from the grapes. To the rest of the RIDERS IV LIFE much luv. Until next time yall be safe.

 Record Number: 399 Posted: March 27, 2006, 7:11 am 
Location: N the CHOCOLATE DESERT!!
Well, well, well..... That's all that I can say!!! Spread'n CHOCOLATE all over your g-book to send a heartfelt CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS to the entire RIVL Fam!!! The anniversary party was off-da-chain!!! RIVL Ladies - you all looked very nice with the bling-bling!!! Much luv to ya all!!! RIVL Men - you all held it down with the fresh cuts!! (Ace was working the clippers last week) Much luv to ya as well!! D-Nyce - when did you get a Mike Tyson tattoo?? (I'm telling) Desert Dog, Desert Dog, Desert Dog - you covered the CHOCOLATE with the SAND!! (oooohhh wwweee)(143..4&23!!) Yung 1 - Congratz!! (u know y) Until nexxx tyme...

Sexy Chocolate (aka The CHOCOLATE DESERT)
"Meltz n ya mouth, not n ya handz!"

 Record Number: 398 Posted: March 27, 2006, 1:34 am 
Found: Friend
Location: Landover
RIIIIDERS......I love yall
Thanks for coming out fri..Sorry I cudnt stay longer on SAT,I had my own party to get to...LOL
Yung 1 I keep missin you, D'Nyce...I got my tic from you sooo we still cru thick rite ??
RICO,I see when you get around some fine women you dont kno me,keep playin I WILL STALK YOU!!!

 Record Number: 397 Posted: March 26, 2006, 12:21 pm 
Name: tnt
Found: Friend
Location: hollywood
well well well riders for life did it again!!! tha mulfulkin party wuz slammmmmmmmmmmin, i had a dam* ball i must say, to tha music ok and tha mic holder (funny man)food wuz delightful okay now tha groovy people. mr nice man himself D'YNCE with tha TATOO on his face,die hard fan RIDERS 4 LIFE!!!!great success az alwayz.SECURITY DOGGG thanks i didn't move eva,hehehehehehe!! MAMA J alwayz a pleasure to see ya, we go back like bucket seats,RICO&YUNG 1 im tha designated sign in PERSON... get use to it (haha)ACE da got dam* problem shake it down will ya.whut up FRISKY,good to see ya.hey THAI BABY doing tha thang last night.MR.TREY hey hey......PRIMO, himself, it wuz great seeing you again after 40 dam* yearz. ICE got dam* T whatcha doing KING?? BIG B, PACMAN and no other PEPSI,CONGRADULATIONS to everyone, a job well done!!! if i miss ya i didnt see ya before tha GOOSE arrived. APPLEBUM aka CLOGS USA,, JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP, dem clogs wuz gettin it.. hehehehe before i go ms. thang got 1 for ya PRETTYHOTCOOLACE TOPPED W/ APPLES AND TNT SAUCE and SOME GHETTO KOOLAID to wash it down. hahhahahahahah

 Record Number: 396 Posted: March 25, 2006, 2:57 pm 
Name: tnt
Found: Friend
whut it do riders for life???? get ready applebum, i got tha JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP FEVER.......be ready for prettyhotkoolace with apples in tha middle and TNT is going to blow that SH*T up tonightttttttttttt.hey d'ynce & DOG and tha rest of tha fam be safe and see ya tonight.

 Record Number: 395 Posted: March 24, 2006, 11:42 am 
Name: SHO a.k.a. SugaWolf
Location: CA 2 VA
WHERE COMING! Whats up fam, have you prepared the dance floor. Can we get the theme song for old tyme sake. Desert may need directions to get there. D-Nyce can a brother have a cup of the JUICE waiting. RICO, i know you know what time it is. TO ALL the LIFE FAM we are coming to support and SHO all the pepole who got MD lock down.

WOLF on the HUNT!

 Record Number: 394 Posted: March 24, 2006, 8:58 am 
Name: TaTa
Hey Fam what's good.. ya know i came through to show some luv... I am also here to let you all know i will not be in town this weekend BUT i would like to wish you all MUCH SUCCESS on your event this weekend.. Ya know if i was here i would be there dancin my heart away...*smiles* Desert Dog heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... D-Nyce Heyyyyyyyyyyy to you to... But its about that time that i get ready to leave i just wanted to come through and wish you club much much much success this weekend once again.. Love you Al..


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